The 420 Annex is always actively looking to participate in the community with events and sponsoring community liveliness. We have helped with many of Destination HWY 420's celebrations and have contributed our services for the local Bremerton Gay Pride. We sponsor much of the local cannabis communal events and are looking to be more involved in community events. To come is the presents of the 420 Annex booth debuting at the Blackberry Festival in downtown Bremerton, right on the waterfront. Also prepare to look for us at the 2017 Hemp Fest representing both 420 Annex and Destination HWY 420. One of our biggest goals for the 420 Annex, is to be synonymous with local charities and represent a reputable respected brand and store.

After busily participating in the High lifestyle, Destination HWY 420 has given 420 Annex the opportunity to present cannabis merchandise to the Bremerton community. Rep all your favorite strains! We are an apparel boutique, local art distributor, as well as a provider of topical body care treatments, and gifts. Are you tired of seeing your favorite weed brands on the shelf instead of on your body?  Do you want something other than the typical brands of apparel you find everyone else wearing? We all yearn for rarity and desire originality. Most importantly we offer our merchandise from our Growers displayed up front from Destination HWY 420. We offer a variety of brands affiliated with marijuana but also seasonal apparel for everyone.

What better way to remember all your favorite strains and growers, than with your one stop place to get it all. We are the next “DIY” outlet for your at home growing interests, as well as cooking. We will have a library for your access to educate yourself on all things cannabis. But don't forget to look at all our intricate art pieces on our art wall, by local Bremerton artists. Come see us after your purchase is made at Destination HWY 420 and get 10% OFF your purchase!